Are You Called to the Office of Prophet Or Prophetess?

Are you a person that likes to be different to others?

Do you like to be in circles of friends and be at odds with what the others believe?

Do you enjoy being lonely with your ideas of how God really thinks and feels about today’s church?

Are you a person that can see the lack of holiness in the church?

Are you committed to Christ so much that you would do anything for Him?

Do you hear Jesus or God speak clearly to your heart in times of prayer?

Are you having visions of angels, of Jesus of heaven?

Do you have a fear a really holy fear for the body of Christ and their right standing with a Holy God?

Do you have the gift of prophecy and other gifts of the Spirit?

If you have answered yes to a few of these questions you may be called to the office of prophet.

Let me give you fair warning, the office isn’t one that should be sought out. Often times you will be seeing things in the Word that are contrary to what is being done in the church. Often times you might be the only person you know feeling the way that you do about things. You might not often find people with your passion for Jesus and the Father. You might find that you are weird when compared with other people you know, that you not only feel the presence of God between Sundays, but you walk and talk with Jesus.

The prophet is not just a person that goes from church to church and prophesies to the flock nice well meaning prophecies. A prophet is a teacher, with the fire of God burning in his belly and the Word of God cutting like a sword coming out of his/her mouth.

It may sound glamorous but the message God will call you to preach won’t make you rich; not that you could really cope with world riches when so many people in the world are starving and the third world needs money for Bibles. No preaching the undefiled Word of God will not make you rich, but you will know the presence of God without measure and you will walk hand in hand with the provision of God in your life and the approval of Jesus your Master.

Jesus was a prophet, but He was a not for profit prophet. Many of those that exist today are false, speaking false words over people and putting out collection plates for all the cotton candy prophetic words they are giving.

As a young prophet, my heart weeps for the state of the church. My heart weeps for people in the church that are friends of the world and enemies of God. My heart weeps for the lack of holiness being preached today. My heart is in sorrow for the easy grace being preached today. I am sorry that the average person cannot have a two way conversation with Jesus and the Father like I enjoy.

Given all the riches it the world I would quickly give all the money to the poor and go back to what I am already doing. It is such a joy to know the Father and have him pleased with you and KNOW that you are walking in his perfect will for your life.

Rick Joyner has asked people in churches around the USA if they knew their giftings and found that only ten percent of the church knew their giftings. He found out of those ten percent that knew their spiritual gifts only ten percent of them were walking in them. That means that only one percent of people are walking in their gifts in the church?

Do you have the gift of prophecy? Would you like it? Write to me and I will pray for you to get the gift then I will give you experience in using the gift on my website.

Come on.

Paul said prophecy is the greatest gift.

Come and get it.

If you have the gift come and use it online with us at our website.

Do you want to know more about being a prophet? Write me and ask me questions.

Be blessed.

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