ARE WE ALONE? Could NASA be 'forced in COURT to admit aliens exist and it was covered up?'

A prolific UFO hunter claims he is planning to sue the US space agency to force it to bring an end to an alleged cover up over the existence of alien life.

Scott C Waring is one of a string of conspiracy theorists who are convinced intelligent aliens not only exist but are living here on Earth- they also insisted the aliens secretly working with the US authorities.

The so-called truth embargo was put in place after the alleged Roswell flying saucer crash of July 1947, the conspiracy theory claims.

And the alleged truth embargo is an agreement between all officials in the know never to release the truth to the public due to a fear it would bring about the end of religion and the rule of law and lead to anarchy.

Mr Waring has claimed repeatedly on his website that NASA is aware aliens exist and is at the heart of the cover up.

In a blog post which claims his website was under attack from the US authorities, he announced he was close to taking the legal action against NASA.

He said: “I am really close to using this site to go to court (public VS NASA) in an international fight to see if I can force NASA into announcing the truth (about aliens) to the world.

“Apparently the US Government knows this.”

It is not clear from the post if he has filed any papers, or if he genuinely intends launching what would be an historic case.

NASA denies it has evidence of aliens or being involved in any cover ups.

The US space agency does not comment on individual conspiracy theory claims but has previously said it would be more than happy to announce if any evidence of alien life is found.

Howevever, it mainstains, so far, this has yet to happen.

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