Angry Girlfriend Took Her Sweetest Revenge On His Unfaithful Boyfriend, Makes Netizens Laugh!

What do you think is the best revenge for cheating partners?

For some, social media is the avenue wherein they could let their anger and feelings out when they feel bad or being cheated by their partner. Some find it exciting to take revenge by shaming their partners on social media and teaching them the lesson they would never forget.

Recently, a furious Facebook user shared how she was able to catch her cheating boyfriend and revenge will surely entertain you and might give you an idea what to do in case you catch your special someone having an affair.

Lou Marish narrated how her four-year relationship with Charles Darwin Fabonan slowly falls apart. One day, Lou’s boyfriend suddenly gave her a cold treatment which led her to question his feelings.

According to Lou, her boyfriend admitted that he is no longer sure about his feelings for Lou, being a martyr lover she is, Lou respected her boyfriend’s feelings and decided to cool things off between the two of them so they could have space and clear mind to think about each other’s feelings.

When she asks her boyfriend if there’s a third party involved, Charles denied and said that he simply wants space. Sadly, Lou’s boyfriend is currently seeing someone else. At first, she was in denial to suspect that Charles is having an affair but a few days after he initiated a break-up, Lou saw evidence that will confirm the intuition that she keeps ignoring.

But one day, she discovered some screenshot on her boyfriend’s phone and said it was  clear enough to confirm that he was cheating on her. She found those evidence while Charles was sleeping. So instead of waking him up and confront him, Lou decided to give him a sweet revenge that even his memory could never erase.

Lou took an epic revenge by splattering paint on her now ex-boyfriend’s beloved motorcycle while he is asleep.

As you can see in the photo, the black and yellow motorcycle has been filled with blue paint and Lou even marked it with a “Manloloko” sign that suits her cheating boyfriend.

Read her full post below:

Watch the video below:

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