An Old Single 40-Ft Tree Trunk Was Carved and Converted into a Magnificent Work of Art

Would you imagine an Old tree trunk to be transformed into a beautiful piece of art? Well, it is not impossible to people who have creative minds. Art has evolved in the past years.

A can of paint and a canvass isn’t the only medium that we can make art. You can apparently create a masterpiece using an old tree trunk.

A Chinese artist named Zheng Chunhui, transformed an old tree trunk into a huge and longest masterpiece and was recognized as the world’s longest wood carving. The said masterpiece captured the attention of several netizens when its’ photo goes viral on the internet.

Using a single tree trunk, he carved detailed boats, houses, bridges and what’s more interesting and surprising in this sculpture is the 550 individually made people.

It was inspired from a famous scroll painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”, which is one of the most famous paintings from all of the Chinese paintings and was dubbed as China’s ‘Mona Lisa’. The scroll was painted by artist Zhang Zeduan during the Song Dynasty.

It is a 40-feet long wooden trunk with astonishing wooden sculpture which took Zheng Chunhui four years to carve and complete the huge piece of art. Talk about dedication.

His hardships truly paid off, now that a lot of people from all around the world can witness for themselves the talent of a Chinese sculptor. It is now displayed in the Palace Museum, Beijing, China where the same scroll that inspired this carving also resides.

Netizens were left completely in awe of his artwork, and a lot have been sending positive comments on his four-year dedication in creating a masterpiece like that. It is truly an amazing sculpture and stands as an inspiration for us to continue pursuing our dreams no matter how long and how hard it may take us.

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