An Inspiring Story of a Woman Who Cheated By Her Husband at 18 But Still Managed to Raise Her Son to Become One of the Most Renowned and Powerful Leader in the World

A lot of inspiring women has been the face of society pages, lifestyle magazine and even influential bloggers now promote different products and brands. However, there is one very inspiring woman that despite her hardships in being a single mom, she aimed to raise her kids as well.

A woman that came from a rich family, Ann Dunham never knew the obstacles she will be facing in life. She was the only child in the family. Therefore she was well loved and taken care of. 

However, at the age of 16, she had to go to the university to continue her studies. 

There she fell in love with a boy who was a popular African student because he was very clever. They both fell in love in 1961 and got married soon after Ann got pregnant.

She is smart too as she balances her studies and works as the vice president at Bank of Hawaii.

It was the wonderful time for Ann, especially that they have been blessed with a son. But things changed when she discovered that her husband was already married in his hometown, a wife, and children waiting for him. What a cheater!

At 18 years, she gave birth to a wonderful son. She hoped that everything would be fine when her son arrived, but instead her husband left them, her son, not even a month old! She filed a divorce when her son was two years old and decided that she would raise her son as a single mom.

It was hard to juggle being a mom, a student and work all at the same time but she managed to do it for the sake of her son. Even though her husband left him, she kept telling her son that he has a “great and outstanding dad.” She did not let her son have hate for his father.

But then, her son grew up and asked where his father is but Ann only replied, “A happy family should have a loving relationship between father and mother, father and son, mother and son. Although the father figure is not present in their family, this should not interfere with the relationship between mother and son, or even father and son.”

Finally, things started to turn around as Ann graduated with Bachelor’s Degree, and also, an Indonesian man asked her to marry him. Out of love, she decided to accept and start anew.

They all lived in Indonesia, and after three years, she gave birth to a daughter. Education was not for all in Indonesia, so she taught her kids herself.

In fact, she wakes them up at 4 am to study English before she goes to work, and when she comes back, she will help her children study. It was that kind of life for Ann, but even had her second divorce in 1971, she still never gives up! According to her, “Life can be depressing at times, but we can create a life that is fun and meaningful!” So she continued her studies and finally got her Ph.D. at 50 years old! However, she died at 52 because of cervical and ovarian cancer.

But little did she know, she raised a good son and a well-known leader! Her son is former President Barrack Obama!

It is truly inspiring to never give up on life and always go forward. Keep on fighting and live a meaningful life.

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