A Sad Story From A Soon-To-Be-Father , He Was Very Excited Until He Discover Her GF’s Deepest Secret!

Among the couple, having a baby is both exciting and terrifying. It is exciting in the sense that they would have a wonderful blessing to raise and look after a life of a child and also terrifying especially for first-time parents who do not have any idea how a parent life should look like.

This excited soon-to-be father shared his heartbreaking story on social media that will surely break yours too.

Mark, the man who posted the story, has a long-term girlfriend named Lorain. They knew each other very well since their parents are very close. They grew up together and eventually became a couple during their college years. They got no problem about their relationship because both of their parents agreed and have a 100% support. Both of them graduated and lived their own careers.

The netizen admitted that they engaged in pre-marital sex and so when Lorain told him that she was pregnant, he never felt surprised at all, instead, he was very excited.

When Loraine got pregnant, Mark’s parents allowed him to live with Lorain in order to take care of her during pregnancy. Having no idea at all, this will be an opportunity for Mark to know Loraine deeply, even discovered her deepest and darkest secret.

On one fateful day, Mark noticed that Lorain is cold towards him, just thinking it was caused by pregnancy hormones. He just overlooked it and tried to understand his girlfriend. Later, he noticed that Lorain is starting to be on her phone all the time, texting and talking to someone he does not know.

One day, while Lorain is taking a shower, Mark heard her phone beeping. Out of curiosity, Mark decided to snoop into her messages and discovered a heartbreaking truth.

Read the full story below:

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Source: UrDailyJournal

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