A Man Saw This Woman Creepily Staring at Him. He Notices Something Else When He Approaches Her!

I will never have the guts to approach her at first though!

Do you sometimes feel like somebody is staring at you from somewhere? When taking a bath, most of us feel uncomfortable, thinking somebody (or something) is looking at us. While most of that is simply paranoia after watching too many horror movies, there are people who actually catch somebody else creepily staring at them—like this guy.

Inside an MRT train in Malaysia, a man saw a woman staring at him. According to Kendrick Kang, her eyes seem to smile at him, but it gave him a chill. The woman kept looking at him for quite some time, until he decided to approach her and try to sell insurance. But when he approached her, he realized something!

“The eye looked like it was ‘smiling’ at me”, said Kendrick.

“This kept up for quite some time.

“So at the end, I decided to go and approach her to sell insurance.

“Then I realise…. ‘Kanasai’, that’s her mouth la!”

The hilarious post has reached thousands of netizens and has become viral overnight!

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