A Group of Archaeologist in Turkey Believes that What they Discovered is the Ancient Tomb of Sta. Claus

As kids, we were told of stories about Santa Claus who gives gifts to good children. Of course, this is for us to be good and stop making trouble in the house. Ten years later, we learn of the ugly truth that Santa Claus isn’t real. 

They must’ve left a scar on most kids. However, one Archeologist was unlike others who discovered a mummified king from thousands of years ago but instead discovered the tomb of Santa Claus.

There have been reports that a group of Archeologists discovered Santa’s grave beneath the Demre Church in Turkey. 

Apparently, this “Santa Claus” is not in the North Pole and most certainly not the Christmas Santa we write letters to as children, the grave was of Saint Nicholas who lived in the 4th-century and secretly gives gifts to people. So Saint Nicholas is like the real-life Santa Claus after all.

Evidence of the grave of Saint Nicholas who died 343 years ago was apparent in Demre Church. 

However, the church is filled with precious mosaics that it was hard to locate which part it is located without ruining or breaking the mosaics. 

At first, it was rumored that smugglers had stolen the remains of Santa, but they remained hopeful they find it there. And at last, they did find it.

Saint Nicholas was renowned because he helped three poor young girls who had to resort to prostitution to be able to live. He would throw coin-filled purses in the girls’ house to be able to help them without giving them the misconception of his deeds. 

This must be the inspiration for our fictional Santa Claus who travels down the chimney and leaves us gifts. However, Saint Nicholas remains as an inspiration to all to help others unconditionally. 

Now that his remains have been found we can only hope no smugglers would attempt to steal on hi sacred grave.

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