9 Ordinary Individuals Who Made an Epic Discoveries That Brought Them Lots of Money

We have all dreamed and prayed that one day our life would turn around and become instantly rich, but the probability of that happening is small and even impossible. Or is it?

Here is a list of people who discovered little things that instantly made them rich. It’s so shocking that later on, you might want to check the local thrift stores or around your house. How they ever did, it might be pure luck, or maybe they made sure never to look in a broken mirror. So let’s check their stories how they found the treasure that brought them money.

1. A Golden Egg that turns out to be a Faberge’ egg.

At a public market, a metal egg encrusted with pearls and has a clock inside was sold for 14,000 dollars. An American man bought it with the intention of reselling the item for a higher price.

Unfortunately, no one bought it. He figured he could attach a story or at least an explanation as to why the egg has a clock inside so he searched on Google and found a Faberge’ experts article.

The article showed a Vacheron Constantin symbol that matches the one on this item. He got the item appraised from experts and found it was worth $33 million! No one knew how the item reached the USA, but it was an Easter egg that Alexander III, Emperor of Russia, ordered for his wife in 1887. No cares why they’d put a clock in a golden egg, but it certainly made a lucky man rich!

2. A Man who found a gold nugget on the beach.

In a beach near Ballarat, part of Australia, a man was walking with his metal detector suddenly detected something and the man started to dig under the sand. It seemed like an old random car scrap at first, but when he decided to dig deeper, it became bigger.

 Eventually, the amateur gold digger brought the huge metal to appraisers, and it weighed 11.5 lb (5.5kg), and the metal turns out to be a gold nugget which became the biggest record ever found in the beach of Ballarat. The lucky man not only gained fame but is also $300,000 richer! That metal detector was really worth the buy!

3. A forgotten Ferrari found in an old garage.

A man bought a house with an attached garage in Wyoming. The main valuable asset was the house itself that was worth $285,500. No one cared about the garage that came with the house, and the realtor didn’t even bother to touch it. But one day, the owner happened to check it out and found a 1966 Ferrari 330 GT which was still in pristine condition.

The Ferrari was evaluated to be more than $500,000! Just imagine the amount bidding for that beauty will raise. Never mind the dust that coated the car, it’s still worth more than the house!

4. A treasure lies behind his house.

An English farmer named Terry Herbert was walking on the lawn near his house with his metal detector. His daughter apparently lost her ring, and Mr. Herbert was trying to recover it for her. On July 05, 2009, he unexpectedly found a treasure instead of his daughter’s ring. He found 1,500 pieces of 7th Century items that probably belonged to the previous owner of the land.

These gold and silver items weighed 16 lb (7.5 kg) and were said to be worth more than $5 million! However, Mr. Herbert was only paid half of the estimated amount of the items belongs to the country. Forget the daughter’s lost ring, it is still a huge amount, and he can surely replace it instead!

5. Old chair carried old jewelry.

Mr. Milner-Brown was requested to fix a chair which belonged to a Scottish couple that came from Biggar. According to the couple, they bought the chair six years ago for £5 but had no money to fix it. So Mr. Milner-Brown decided he would fix it himself for them. He started to detach the upholstery and surprisingly found diamond jewelry hidden inside.

Mr. Milner gave it to the husband, but he did not tell his wife that it was found in the old chair and just gave them to her. It was a set of diamond earrings, ring, and other precious stones. In 2016, only did the husband told everyone where he got the jewelry and together with his wife, they asked the experts the value of it. Surprisingly, the total amount of his findings had a total of £5,000!

6. Valuable Coins are hidden in the Piano.

A piano that was donated by the Hemmings family to Bishop’s Castle Community College needed tuning. They asked Martin Blackhouse, 61-years old, to tune the piano.

While working, he found seven bags of coins that estimated to be the currency during the Queen Victoria’s reign. It was valued at $640,000. The family who owned the piano for 33 years did not know who placed the coins and did not get a reward, but Martin who got richly rewarded couldn’t care less!

7. Gold bars stored in the house.

In Normandy, a French man inherited a house. He walked around the house to look at his newly obtained property. He found a small box of golden coins attached to a chair and even more gold in a whiskey box. Shockingly, the biggest treasure he found was a huge pile of gold bars. All in all, All in all, it amounted to $3.7 Million, but the man had to pay an inheritance tax of 45%.

8. A rock that happens to be the world’s largest opal matrix.

In 2011, noted designer Stuart Hughes and his associates found an opal matrix in South Australia. It is made of pure opal and had 55,000 carats (25 lb) valued at $1 Million!

9. A stash of money found in the attic.

Josh Ferrin from Utah noticed a piece of cloth in the ceiling while working in his workshop. He pulled on it, then a small panel dislodged, which apparently led to the attic.

There he found a metal box containing several rolls of money. Je continued his search and found seven more boxes and two big black trash bags, also filled with money. All in all, the amount of money was $45,000. However, Josh returned the money to the previous owners, who was as surprised as Josh was when he found it.

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