5 scariest curses


  1. The Ice Mummy Otzi

    Ötzi the Iceman

the mystery of the Iceman are the strange stories that the mummy is surrounded by some sort of sinister curse, which has allegedly been the cause of the deaths of seven people associated with it since its discovery. The first death linked to the “curse” was that of a forensic pathologist from the University of Innsbruck by the name of Rainer Henn, 64, who was one of the earliest scientists working on deciphering the Iceman riddle and indeed one of the first to handle the mummy when he pried it from the ice to place it in a body bag, and who died in a catastrophic car crash on his way to give a lecture on some of his findings concerning the mummy. This death was followed by that of the mountain guide who had led Henn to the body in the first place, and was also one of the first to help uncover the body, a Kurt Fritz, 52, who was killed in a freak avalanche. Oddly, although he had been with a group of other climbers at the time of the incident, Fritz was the only one to be hit by the deadly wave of snow and ice.

The string of mysterious deaths would continue when an American film maker who had filmed the removal of the Iceman from the ice for a documentary died of a sudden brain tumor. Helmut Simon, 69, who went missing while on a hike on Austria’s Gaiskarkogel peak in October of 2004. After an intense search for the missing man, his body was found crumpled in a small stream, having fallen some 300 feet from a treacherous ledge above during a sudden whipping blizzard that had swept through the area. Indeed, the leader of the mountain search party sent to look for Simon, a Dieter Warnecke, 45, would also die of a heart attack a mere hours after the missing hiker’s funeral. This was followed by the death of a Konrad Spindler, 55, who had also been one of the first scientists to examine the Iceman, and who died of complications connected to multiple sclerosis.

The final and perhaps the strangest of the deaths linked to the Iceman curse was that of American born molecular archeologist Tom Loy, 63, who was instrumental in uncovering some important information on the Iceman.


2. The Club 27


“The 27 Club” or “Club 27” is the colloquial name given to a group of influential rock musicians that died at the young age of 27. There are a few “members” who are always listed in “27 Club” groupings – such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain, and more recently Amy Winehouse – while other musicians who were 27 at the time of their death are included sporadically, depending on who has composed the list (another term for this club-that-nobody-wants-to join is the Forever 27 club).Though the official causes of death for these famous people vary between the different musicians – from suicide to overdoses on sleeping pills to, yes, choking to death on vomit – drug and alcohol abuse is often cited as a primary cause behind many of these deaths. Everyone on this list will never turn 28 – they will be forever 27.

3. Kutukan Lagu my way, Frank sinatra

The “My Way” killings are a social phenomenon in the Philippines, referring to a number of fatal disputes which arose due to the singing of the song “My Way”, popularized by Frank Sinatra (peaking at #27 on Billboard Hot 100 in 1969),[1] in Karaoke bars. A New York Times article estimates the number of killings to be about six up to 2010.[2] Another source estimates at least 12 between 2002–2012.[3] Opinions differ over whether the possible connection is due to the coincidence that the song was simply frequently sung amid the nation’s karaoke bars where violence is common or to the aggressive lyrics of the song itself.

4. Tutankhamun Curse 


Among the world’s most famous curses is the “Curse of the Pharaoh,” also known as King Tut’s Curse. Ever since King Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, stories circulated that those who dared violate the boy king’s final resting place faced a terrible curse.

Though not as dramatic as a murderous mummy, it is widely claimed that many people associated with opening the tomb fell soon victim to the curse, dying under mysterious circumstances. The legend gained traction because a few of the people who were involved in finding the tomb did, in fact, die not long after it was opened.

5. the 0888-888-888 curse


Spooked phone bosses have suspended the mobile phone number 0888 888 888 – after every single person assigned to it died in the last 10 years. The first owner, Vladimir Grashnov – the former CEO of Bulgarian mobile phone company Mobitel, which issued the number – died of cancer in 2001 aged just 48. Despite a spotless business record there were persistent rumours that his cancer had been caused by a business rival using radioactive poisoning. The jinxed number then passed to Bulgarian mafia boss Konstantin Dimitrov. He was gunned down in 2003 by a lone assassin in the Netherlands during a trip to inspect his £500million drug-smuggling empire.Dimitrov, who died aged 31, had the mobile with him when he was shot while eating out with a beautiful model. Russian mafia bosses – jealous of his drug-smuggling operation – were said to have been behind the killing.The phone number then passed to crooked businessman Konstantin Dishliev.He was gunned down outside an Indian restaurant in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia in 2005, after taking over the jinxed line. Since then, the number is understood to have been dormant while police maintained an open file on Dishliev’s killing and his smuggling ring.

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