40+ Incredibly Satisfying Food Photos That We Can’t Stop Looking At

While food presentation, or ‘plating’ has long been an important aspect to dining across many cultures, the dawn of the Instagram era has seemingly taken it to another level.

These days, dining out can feel like a trip to a tourist landmark. Dishes are carefully documented and curated for the visual satisfaction of virtual diners on social media. However, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of food is not just the domain of chefs in fancy restaurants.

Sometimes the humble green-grocer on the corner will take great pride in his produce, and carefully arrange his fruit and veg in a pleasing manner for his customers. Maybe you accidentally made a pancake that arranged itself into a triumph of geometry, or more often than not, Mother Nature was just awesome and produced the sexiest damn onion you have ever seen.

We here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of the most gorgeous grub we could find, whether it’s satisfyingly symmetrical or just plain tasty-looking! Scroll down below to check it out!

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30+ Oddly Satisfying Food Photos That We Can’t Stop Looking At

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