35+ Times Packaging Designs Seriously Infuriated Buyers By How Misleading They Were

Think of marketing as you would think about sex. Some brands try to establish a pleasant and long relationship with their clients and others use dirty tricks to manipulate anyone into the sack with them. So while some buyers are completely satisfied with their purchases, others feel ashamed and used. This time, Bored Panda has focused on packaging, bringing you the most insulting examples of designers taking advantage of the innocent.

From a deceiving box, hiding the true size of a sandwich to a clever wrap, making a lollipop appear way better than it actually is, there should be a special place in hell for everyone who contributed to these packaging ideas. Scroll down to check out why you shouldn’t trust a product you see for the first time and vote for your (least) favorite entries!

read full article here :

35+ Incredibly Evil Packaging Designs That Will Seriously Infuriate You

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