30+ People Who Quit Their Jobs With Style

Unless you have been pretty fortunate in life so far, chances are you’ve endured a period in a job that sucked.

There are plenty of things about the nature of employment that can make it extremely unpleasant. From long hours and boring, unsuitable work, to colleagues that irritate and a smug, overbearing boss, the fantasy of telling them all where to shove it can becoming overwhelmingly tempting!

This list compiled by Bored Panda is about people who did exactly that. Forget about leaving on good terms, politely handing in your notice and not burning bridges. Burn them down baby! Down to the floor! These people acted out their fantasies, hatched in those dark miserable days of workplace misery, and flounced out with a flourish. Scroll down to check out the list below, and don’t forget to vote for your favourite!

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30+ People Who Quit Their Jobs With Style

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