18 Stereotypical Maps Of Europe – Some Of Them Will Probably Offend You

Yanko Tsvetkov is far from being a professional cartographer, but he has a thing for maps, and it turns out that all you need is a good sense of humor and a little knowledge of the political landscape around you to provide an accurate view of the world.

The Bulgarian-born graphic artist, who now resides in Spain, is acutely aware of both the serious inter-cultural debates and disputes gripping the world, and the ridiculous stereotypes we all hold against each other. His desire to reconcile the two culminated in the Atlas of Prejudice, a project which sees him drawing maps that combine history with hearsay in the most hilarious fashion.

One of the many chapters of this alternative atlas, entitled Tearing Europe Apart, examines the many cultural divides that seem to govern the European continent. If you can swallow your pride and have a laugh at yourself (as well as your neighbors), scroll down to see which side of the dotted line your country falls on, and see more of Tsvetkov’s work here.

More info: Atlas of Prejudice, Facebook, Twitter

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