15+ Hilarious Uber Animal Memes

An Uber ride can be the most memorable experience of any evening. Imagine this: you’re wasted, you’re starving, but the kebab joint that’s still open at 3 AM is a long drive away. Luckily, the driver hears your stomach rumbling and offers you free candy. Heavenly, I know. On the flipside, maybe they got lost while trying to find you, and you’re stuck waiting in the pouring rain, while you SO is texting complaints about a meal that’s getting cold. To illustrate the vast spectrum of possible Uber experiences, people are using funny animal pictures, and the memes they create are so on-point, Bored Panda has decided to compile them into a list. From dealing with sketchy-looking drivers to getting into the wrong vehicle, scroll down to relive these quintessential moments and upvote your favorites!

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15+ Hilarious Uber Animal Memes

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