Imagine a glow-in-the-dark beer?

Awesome. It would be totally awesome.

Former NASA biologist Josiah Zayner made this awesomeness a real possibility by launching a kit that lets home brewers craft beverages that glow.

Zayner kissed a job in synthetic biology goodbye to launch The Odin, a company dedicated to increasing the accessibility of science and technology research, according to Gizmodo.

With The Odin, Zayner has established kits for curious minds to conduct their own science experiments ― one of which will be for bioluminescent beer.

The bright green coloring is ridiculously intriguing in an unique right, but there’s something even more fascinating about it: It’s from a jellyfish gene.

According to the kit’s guide, “a plasmid DNA” was included with “the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae so that it turns a fluorescent green color. ”
Therefore when you use this fluorescent yeast in a batch of home brew, it’ll glow under a blacklight. How is that for a damn party?!

The fluorescent yeast kit retails for $199 and certainly will take about 10 hours of work over the course of two days before any actual brewing happens. But, if you’re devoted to the glow, it’s worth the effort.

Of the green brew, Zayner hopes “that the ability to produce something cool and tangible will get more individuals interested in not merely learning about but actually doing genetic engineering, ” according to Gizmodo.

The completed fluorescent yeast. Mmmm.
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