100 gorgeous GOLD lunch/dinner napkins for wedding/party/event, 2ply, disposable, Large Size 6.5″x6.5″, Made in USA

A quality yet affordable set of 100 plain GLITTERING GOLD LUNCHEON/DINNER napkins that measure 6.5″X6.5″ when folded. They are made in USA and ship within 24 hours. Make your party special with these amazing GLITTERING GOLD LUNCH/dinner napkins that are just amazing quality and won’t break the bank!100 Beautiful Plain GLITTERING GOLD Lunch/Dinner Napkins
6.5″x6.5″ folded. So pretty and they come right to your door.
Made in USA, Ships ASAP! Quality yet affordable.
You get 2 packages of 50 in every order. Order as many sets of 100 as you need.
*These are NOT personalized.

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