10 Former Pinoy Celebrities and Their Current Jobs Today

Some people in the show business and entertainment career doesn’t stay much longer as a celebrity. Some of them choose to have a simple and avoid the limelight of fame. They often pursue their dreams and choose a different path or tranquil way of living.

Check out the current career that these former celebrities have chosen after leaving the showbiz industry:

He is known to be a graduate of a star search “Star Struck Season 2.” He is now a successful orthodontist which he is surely proud of.

Chantal Umali

Yoga instructor Chantal Umali is a yoga instructor who used to be a popular commercial model as a child.

Kim Delos Santos

This former TGIS star who had become successful in her teen years in the industry currently resides in New Jersey, USA and works as a dialysis nurse.

Serena Dalrymple

This former child star was one of the most distinguished child actors in her earlier career. She had been discovered on a Jollibee commercial with Aga Muhlach. She then left the Philippines to study abroad and is now the current manager and procurement COE at Viacom which is a long-running media company in the United States.


He was quite famous as a former child star in Eat Bulaga where he won as a runner-up on a segment called “That’s My Boy.” Goyong now currently works as a floor director on the noontime show.

RR Herrera

He is an award-winning former child star who works these days as a motivational speaker and an executive of a training company.

LA Lopez

One of the former prodigy child where he had become the center of attraction. He currently works as a Christian partner.

Princess Punzalan

She currently resides in the US soil and works as a nurse.

Don Laurel

Currently works as a policeman in Toronto, Canada.

Bettina Carlos

She is now running her own business named “Baked Bites by ABC.” This former TV host and actress of “Idol Sa Kusina” is now currently working as a columnist for the Manila Times.

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